Behind The Scenes At “The Camel News Caravan”, 1953

Behind The Scenes At “The Camel News Caravan”, 1953

This month, we’ve done several stories on the history of the early TV news shows, and I thought this would be a nice compliment to all that we’ve seen. This is a short but sweet article on how John Cameron Swayze’s show was done by his director, Ralph Peterson.

Notice that their location is in the NBC Uptown Studios at 106th Street, at the Pathe complex. In this Emmy Legends video clip, former NBC News president Ruven Frank, who is listed in the article as the show’s Chief Writer at the time, describes how the Caravan film operations worked.

Tomorrow, it’s the anniversary of one of televisions first great comedy productions; one that cost a whopping $63,000 per episode…”Your Show Of Shows”. Be here! -Bobby Ellerbee

1953: Televising Today’s News

Behind the scenes of John Cameron Swayze’s “Camel News Caravan.”


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