Behind The ‘Jeopardy’ Game Board

A Rarity From Glenn Mack…Behind The ‘Jeopardy’ Game Board

This photo taken behind the ‘Jeopardy’ game board is truly unique! When Glenn took this photo, Art Fleming would have been the host and the show came from one of NBC’s 30 Rock studios. In the clip below, we see the board in action and it’s lightning fast flip from the $ amount to the question. These white strips in the middle of the panels look like pull tabs and there appears to be a handle on each of the hinged doors to load the cards. This is more complex than it looks because the $ amount cards have to “disappear up” into the card panel above it. This is marked “Unit C”, I’m thinking there was a unit A and B that were rolled in and out as the players went through the answers on each board. Wonder if there was a D unit?


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