Introducing ‘I Love Lucy’…The CBS Press Release

Introducing ‘I Love Lucy’…The CBS Press Release (Click to read)

When this was written on August 31, 1951, no one could have predicted that the show which debuted at 9 PM, Monday night October 15, 1951 would be such a stupendous world wide hit…but it was. Today, random episodes will air in over 20 countries.

‘I Love Lucy’ premiered as part of a CBS Monday night line-up that included:

7:30PM – CBS News with Douglas Edwards
7:45PM – The Perry Como Show
8:00PM – Lux Video Theatre
8:30PM – Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts
9:00PM – I Love Lucy
9:30PM – It’s News to Me
10:00PM – Westinghouse Studio One
The competition included “Lights Out” (a mystery/suspense anthology) on NBC; “Curtain UP” (a showcase of old movies) on ABC; and “Wrestling” on the DuMont network.

CBS Television Division

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz will carry their real life domestic partnership into professional life when they team up as a husband and wife on a new CBS-TV domestic comedy series, “I Love Lucy,” making its debut Monday, October 15 (CBS-TV, 9:00-9:30PM, EST).


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