First Person Oral History

This is an ongoing project, and from time to time, we will add audio interviews to this list, but here are the first of the series with a short, one line bio on each but their full story is in these hour long sessions. Enjoy!

1. George Sunga: Producer of Smothers Brothers, All In The Family, Good Times, The Jeffersons, Three’s Company and the first Production Director at CBS Television City. He handled all the Edward R. Murrow’s Person To Person live interviews from the west coast.

2 .Lou Bazin: His entire carrier as one of RCA’s top broadcast engineers includes development of the TK44-45-46, TK76, TKP 45 and much more

3.. Don Kennedy: As “Officer Don”, he was one of the nation’s top kid show host, as Don Kennedy he was an owner/operator of TV and Radio stations

4. Arch Luther: Chief Engineer of RCA’s Commercial Communications Systems Division and later, Vice President of Engineering for the RCA Broadcast Division

5. Jay Ballard: One of Television’s most respected engineering historians. Veteran NBC and ABC Labs, engineer extraordinaire and former associate of NBC/RCA engineering legend Fred Himelfarb.

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