‘That Show’ With Joan Rivers…A True Rarity & A Funny Story

‘That Show’ With Joan Rivers…A True Rarity & A Funny Story

Until last week, I had never heard of this show till my friend Tom Sprague in Boston told me about it. He and Paul Beck are digitizing these shows from 2″ quad tapes at The Museum Of Broadcast Technology.

Here’s the funny part. Joan’s husband, Edgar Rosenberg really is as cheep as she claims! Back in 1968, syndicated shows like this were dubbed and sent out to stations by mail. That was an expensive proposition and Edgar, being Edgar, wanted to find a way around that so…he went dumpster diving! Literally. He would go through the dumpsters at the networks and tape houses to find old tape and would make all the dubs on these worn out 2″ reels that had all seen better days.

At the link is the second episode (the first was an unaired pilot) with guests Johnny Carson and the owner of a nudist colony and is quite funny. In the first segment, you can see a TK41 in the back of the studio which leads me to believe this may have been shot at NBC in NYC, but I’m not sure. I think this only ran for about 26 weeks and that was the end of this daytime show. Do you remember this?

http://www.hulu.com/watch/258804 This episode’s subject is nudism with expert guest, Lucy Hannson. Johnny Carson appears as a celebrity guest.


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