For Vintage TV Props…”History For Hire” Is Ground Zero

For Vintage TV Props…”History For Hire” Is Ground Zero

Our friend Richard Wirth has a new article I wanted to share with you, on the world famous History For Hire Prop House in Los Angeles.

Aside from a dizzying selection of “other” period specific props, HFH is the the king of supplying vintage television equipment to movies and TV shows…and making it work! Or, at least making it look like it is working, and has shipped their vintage television equipment all over the world.

As you’ll see in the article, owner Jim Elyea and I are friends and have helped each other over the years, but Jim’s success in the TV area was helped along mightily by his friendship my mentor, Chuck Pharis, who helped Jim build his camera collection, and modified them to make them look like working cameras.

A few years back, Eyes Of A Generation had our own story on this magical place that you can see at this link.

Keep up the good work Richard…and you too Jim! -Bobby Ellerbee

Vintage TV Studios in Modern Films and Television Programs by Richard Wirth – ProVideo Coalition

Have you ever watched a movie or a television program set in a time decades ago that had a scene take place in television studio and wonder where did they come up with all that old equipment? And, in many cases, it appears to actually be working! Well, here’s a fun fact. There’s a place in


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