Welcome To The New Heart Of Eyes Of A Generation!

This 100+ pages of television history is unique in all the world!  This is a living history of broadcasting that spans the decades, as far back as the first radio transmissions, to the latest in the network studios and everything in between. These are stories that I have written and posted on the Eyes Of A Generation Facebook page, that go back to 2011. There are video tours of historic TV landmarks, stories on rescued cameras and VTRs, funny odds and ends and a hundred surprises that come in every shape form and fashion.

One of the most important elements of all of this, is the comments. Many of them are made by industry veterans…the people that were there at the time, either directing, or on camera, in lighting, writing, producing or whatever, so be sure to take a look at them as you go. Just click on the blue bar under each story, and if you want to see the story on Facebook (and you are a FB user), just right click on the story title, open it in another tab, and see the original…sometime with more details and photos. Enjoy! -Bobby Ellerbee

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