One of my favorite cameras of all time is the TK60. I drew lots of pictures of TK11s and TK41s as a kid because I liked their looks, but when the first “new look” camera came out, I thought it was great. I first saw a TK60 in action on The Jerry Lewis Show from ABC’s Hollywood Palace in 1963. Lewis had made a four year deal, but bailed out after 13 weeks. I watched every show, every night to see the cameras roll in and out of the shots.

At the University of Georgia, I used TK60s in my television class. They were donated by WSB in Atlanta, which had bought two of them just before the TK42s came out. We also used the WSB 42s later. The two images below are of WSB’s 60s. I took the black-and-white photo myself around 1966.


I had always wanted to have one, but fortunately, wound up with two, and I thank Dave DeBarger at WCVS in Richmond, Virginia for holding on to them for all these years until I could find them. I went up and picked them up along with the two Houston Fearless pedestals they once sat on.



There was quite a lot of refurbishing to do, especially on the doors, which had to be sandblasted and repainted the original RCA ‘new look’ blue.

As with all of my cameras, I have dressed the TK60 to reflect the look of my favorite times, periods and shows. The Lewis show and Hollywood Palace black-and-white years are fond memories, and that’s the dressing this camera got. (I only have room to put up one of my TK60s.)

Below are some shots of the TK60 I like and thought you might too, and we’ll start with one that shows my assistant Jack helping by laying still on the floor while I take pictures for you. Enjoy!





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