Studios & Network History

In this section, you will find over 700 pages of detailed information on the network studios of ABC, CBS and NBC, that I a have compiled with the help of many network veterans on both the New York and Los Angeles facilities.

These unique PDF presentations contain the only timelines ever developed to show the where, and when of television’s expansion process at each network, and on each coast. Take notice that the contents section of each report is laid out in chronological order too.

By necessity, the entire history of each network is included in these documents, so if you want to know the history of ABC, CBS and NBC’s networks, this is the place to look. As a basis of fact, each network’s radio history is included as in each case, they too played a role in how the television networks unfolded, especially when it came to getting across the Rocky Mountains.

As we go, more of my writings will be included here as more research is developed and even more rare images and artifacts surface to flesh out the story.

This is electronic television’s first home…Studio 3H at NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It was created by RCA in late 1935 for experimental television use, by converting NBC Radio Studio 3H. Between 1950 -1953, this was color television’s experimental home. Over the three months prior to Labor Day of 1955, NBC Television Studio 3H and NBC Radio Studio 3F were combined to become NBC’s first ever in-house color studio at 30 Rock. On September 12, 1955, NBC Television Studio 3K was dedicated, and became the new home of The Howdy Doody Show which became the first regularly broadcast color program in the US.

3h studio


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