NBC Universal Orlando…New Home To My Pat Weaver RCA TK30


This week, “The Tonight Show Experience” will open at Universal Studios Orlando, with Jimmy Fallon and company on hand all week for the grand opening. Among the stars in the first floor “Tonight” museum, are rare artifacts from all the “Tonight” show’s hosts and a very special item from “Tonight” creator, Pat Weaver.

About a year and a half ago, Universal contacted me about buying a few museum quality cameras for their new attraction. Little did they know I had the key to the highway! Here is a shot of me at home with the camera a few years back. To tell the truth, the only other place I would have considered a good home for her, where she could be seen and appreciated, was at NBC New York, but this is actually pretty close. As you’ll see in these and in the linked photos, the interior of the Orlando exhibit is a very good mock up of 30 Rock’s interior. Here is a nice spread of about 100 images to look through.   https://www.flickr.com/photos/getreadytoride/sets/72157677663135424/?share=mail

The Pat Weaver TK30 was the first black and white camera ever to be replaced by a color television camera. The whole fascinating story with more pictures is at this link. http://eyesofageneration.com/camera-collection/the-pat-weaver-rca-tk30/

By the way, don’t pay attention to the signage on the TK30 in these pix…I contacted Friday and they will be correcting card soon. I also sent a second camera to Orlando. A Sony BVP 900 SD camera from Jay Leno’s pre HD years.

The main attraction for the kids is the 3D thrill ride “Race Through New York”, but in the soft opening dry runs, many seem much more interested in the museum level displays. The original thought was that the Weaver TK30 would be in the Steve Allen era showcase and the Sony in the Leno showcase. Things changed, and for the better. Now they both have their own showcases in a very interesting neighborhood…Carson’s Carnac turban lives next door and Jimmy’s Thank You notes are everywhere. What more could anyone want?


To the Universal props and creative departments…VERY WELL DONE! To the “Tonight” show crew and staff in Florida this week…”break a leg”! To NBC and Universal, MANY THANKS! -Bobby Ellerbee

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